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Karen Gaughan

Your Health
Your Life

"Do something
that your body
will thank you for

Her mission is to galvanize a network of 1000 women by providing support, education, encouragement and inspiration so they can feel confident and empowered to reach their God-given potential. People need to know how to RELOVE their health and their life so they can advance the Kingdom, promote their businesses and build powerful, long-lasting relationships.

After God began dealing with Karen about past hurts and personal shortcomings, she realized that she wasn't living up to her full potential. Her RELOVE Revolution began years before publishing her first book when God challenged her to love Him, others and herself in a way that she had never known before, hence, RELOVE. 

Let's go change the world. 



"I believe you cannot do business or ministry well if YOU are not well."

That's why I support busy women over 35 who are frustrated with what they see when they look in the mirror.

I educate you on how to create a healthier mind, stronger body and more beautiful skin so you can be more confident.


I encourage you to make small, yet significant mental shifts and move from using everyday off-the-shelf products to clean and green personal care items and nutritional supplements to help you live well so you can age well. 

I inspire you by sharing my journey with you. This gives you peace of mind to know you are not alone. 


The transformation you desire

IS possible.

Let's go get that healthier, happier you!

Connect with me today by leaving a message in the contact section or clicking directly below to get started NOW.

I also teach and train others to do what I do. Interested? Let's chat. 

Leave me a message in the comment section below.



Although I've appeared on local Christian television, narrated radio programs, appeared in promotional videos, and spoken to thousands of individuals on stage, my heart is to reach people one by one. 
I'm what some call a prayer warrior and I'm passionate about encouraging people.
This first publication, RE-Love, Your Journey to Freedom, encapsulates the journey of restarting with a renewed mindset and practicing the art of J.O.Y. (Jesus first, others second, and then yourself).

My prayer: May your Re-Love journey be more than you ever imagined. 


Are you looking for a speaker for your next business or ministry event?

Chose Karen. 




Re-Love Your Health and Your Life

Motivation. Inspiration. Education.

The first time you tried to love God, lose weight or find balance in your life, you may have failed. In this signature talk, I provide useful tips and time-tested strategies to learn to love your health and your life, again.


How to be a Godly Step-Parent

Support. Encouragement.

Blending a family is not easy. I've been a step-parent for over 27 years, let me provide you with tips and strategies to be a parent of a child you didn't birth. The first is "never use the words step-parent". 


Surviving your child's time of Incarceration

Support. Information.

Speaking from personal experience, sharing stories of pain, heartache and eventually triumph, in this heartfelt talk, I provide 7 keys to surviving one of the hardest times in your family's history. 

More Topics:

Marriage Essentials

From GS-4 to GS-15

Other topics are available or prepared upon request.

Complete the Contact section below to start the booking process. 


Down 12 pounds. And I feel better - no headache, more energy.



Wow, I started out with the Lemon Chews and energy fizz sticks. I take them before a workout. They give me just enough to handle a Boot camp workout and a 10-20 mile bike ride, with no after taste or feeling jittery. Karen is the best host and always willing to share tips and remind me (thanks Karen) when new products come out.  V.C.

"You are the best. I cannot ask for a better coach."


Anne Frank quoted, "Whoever is happy will make others happy, too" And this is exactly how Karen makes one feel when discussing Arbonne. She is always excited when sharing the many benefits that Arbonne offers and makes one excited to use the products! Because we all have different schedules, Karen offers support by reaching out either by telephone, text, or email and is very much appreciated!


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